Live webcam

A web camera showing live images of work in progress for the multi-million pound Handy X Hub redevelopment means that you can tap into a website to watch progress on the site on-the-go, at your desk or from the comfort of your own home.

The web camera, which is attached to the current sports centre, gives views within the redevelopment site. With images updated every five minutes, you can see first-hand the progress being made.

View the live webcam images (external link)

4 Responses to Live webcam

  1. I agree with crystalized – a abstract table or conclusion would have been good for these not wanting to read every web page.

  2. linda robinson says:

    Can someone kindly visit me and show me view plan from my back garden as I am getting very concerned about my privacy from my garden.i am the resident of the end house closest to lower car park .no.8.and need to know I and my family are not going to be in a position where we are on view from public when using my garden as after 30 years of privacy you can understand we are all concerned.many thanks .

  3. Peter says:

    Not yet able to put all your pictures together and to understand them.

    Could you show a ‘building handy x hub’ diagram with overlaid references to the viewpoints for the other diagrams added?

    Examples. Where is the diving pit in the diagram, where does Waitrose fit in, where do I park my car to get to the swim changing area, how do I get from the gym changing area to the gym. All that information must be there, but I cannot fit the jigsaw together!

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