Terms of use

Access to and use of the Wycombe District Council “building handy x hub” blog is provided subject to the following terms of use. Please read these terms carefully as your access to and use of this blog will be deemed as acceptance by you of the terms of use.

Use of the blog by minors
Use of the blog by a minor is subject to the consent of their parent or guardian.

How to add comments

  • To add a comment to a blog post you must provide your name and a valid email address. Comments (unless filtered out as spam) will go live immediately. Your email address will not be published on the blog, but your name will appear as part of the comment.
  • All comments are post-moderated. This means that the moderator sees the material after it has been posted and decides if it is suitable to remain on the blog.
  • This post-moderation policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and may be changed in the future if necessary.

Content standards
We ask that all contributors to this blog act responsibly when posting comments and use the same judgement and courtesy as they would when communicating in any other way. Please:

  • Respect your audience. Mind your language and use common sense to avoid offence. Handle controversial topics with sensitivity. Never pick a fight or get personal.
  • Express yourself. If you agree or disagree with a blog post, post a comment. Always disagree with other opinions respectfully.
  • Stay on topic. Always make sure your comments are relevant to the topic of the post.
  • Protect confidential information. Do not disclose confidential information or that of any other person, organisation or company.
  • Respect personal information. Do not publish personal information about yourself or anyone else.
  • Follow copyright rules. You must ensure that your contribution does not infringe any copyright or trade mark of any other person.

What constitutes breaking the terms of use?
You are legally responsible for material you post to this blog. When posting comments to this blog the following are considered breaches of the terms of use:

  • Publishing material that does not follow the above content standards
  • Publishing offensive material, including (but not limited to) material that is: obscene, pornographic or illegal; offensive on grounds of race, religion, creed, colour or which may incite hatred or disrespect; in breach of criminal law; in breach of professional ethics or standards
  • Publishing defamatory or libellous material
  • Publishing comments with false or misleading information or passing yourself off as another user
  • Using the blog for any advertising or commercial purpose
  • Spamming
  • Infringing the rights of any individual, corporation or organisation, including but not restricted to the owners of any copyright and other intellectual property, confidentiality or privacy right

What happens if I break the terms of use?
Failure to comply with these terms of use may result in our taking all or any of the following actions:

  • Immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any comment
  • Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use the blog
  • Issue of a warning to you
  • Disclosure of such information to law enforcement authorities as we reasonably feel is necessary or as required by law
  • Taking legal proceedings against you

These actions are not limited and we may take any other action that we reasonably consider appropriate.


  • By contributing to this blog, you give us free of charge the non-exclusive right to edit, delete, copy, translate, create derivative works from, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, make available to the public or otherwise use and re-use material contributed by you.
  • It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of facts and opinions given on this blog. You take full responsibility for using the information and agree that Wycombe District Council is not responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage resulting from its use.
  • Disclosure of personal, private and confidential material is at your own risk. Any information you choose to add to the blog becomes public information and, subject to our terms of use, will remain online.
  • We do not warrant that this blog will be uninterrupted or free of errors, or viruses and we shall not be liable if it is not available at any time. Access may be suspended temporarily without notice for technical reasons or for reasons over which we have no control.
  • This blog uses a hosted blogging platform called WordPress. Please see also the WordPress terms of service.

If you wish to complain about a comment posted to the blog, please email the communications team. We will then review the comment and decide whether it complies with our terms of use. We will deal with any comment which, in our opinion, breaks our terms of use. We will inform you of the outcome of our review within a reasonable time of receiving your complaint.

Changes to the terms of use
We may revise these terms of use at any time. Please check this page from time to time and take notice of any changes we make

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