Installation of moveable floors

installation of moveable floor in traiing pool (5)Work began earlier this month to install the moveable pool floors in the leisure centre pool hall. Two moveable floors will be installed: one in one-half of the eight lane 50 metre pool and one in the 20m training pool in the leisure centre.

The moveable floor can adjust the depth of the water to create an Olympic size pool for competitions in the eight-lane 50 metre pool or vary the depth in one half to provide for swimming lessons.

The moveable floor will sit on the ground of the tiled pool basin and can be adjusted using hydraulic rams to create an even baseline for both pools.

The moveable floor is designed based on a floating concept. The system consists of stainless steel and/or plastic parts that can be configured at the required depth using cables, which are fully equipped to withstand long-term submersion in pool water and can handle a heavy load. Grids on the pool floor surface will ensure continuous water circulation.

The eight lane 50 metre pool will also have a central dividing raisable barrier, which can be raised to separate the Olympic-size pool into two pools for various usages.

The leisure centre will also have a sub-aqua dive pit and a splashpad facility for young children.

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